Creatures on the Loose (1971-1975)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
10 March, 1971 The Skull of Silence; Trull! The Inhuman!; Numbering continued from Tower of Shadows #9; Cover by Herb TrimpeL
11 May, 1971 The Unbelievable Menace of Moomba; The Underground Gambit!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
12 July, 1971 I Was Captured By... Korilla!; Master and Slave!!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
13 September, 1971 I Was Captured By the Creature From Krogarr!; Midnight on Haunted Hill; Where Walks the Werewolf!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
14 November, 1971 What Happened in ... Dead Storage; What Was the Staggering Secret of the 13th Floor; Forewarned is Four-Armed!; Quogg!; The Remedy Oil; The Return of the Gorilla-Man; The Thing From the Hidden Swamp; Forewarned is Four-Armed; The Day of the Red Death!; The Face of Fear; The Face of Fear!; Cover by Jack KirbyL
15 January, 1972 Spragg, Conqueror of the Human Race!; Where Lurks the Ghost!; Help!; Spragg! Conqueror of the Human Race!; The Man from Mars!; Where Walks the Ghost; Cover by Gil KaneL
16 March, 1972 Gullivar Jones, Warrior of Mars; The Impossible Tunnel!; The Frightened Man!; Beware the Future Man!; I Dream of Doom!; The Universal Gadget; Cover by Gil KaneL
17 May, 1972 River of the Dead!; What? What? What Was Gargantus?; The Things From Dimension X!; Cover by Gil KaneL
18 July, 1972 Wasteland -- On a Weirdling World!; Under the Knife!; What Lurks in the Mountain?; Cover by Gil KaneL
19 September, 1972 The Long Road to Nowhere!; The Creature From Krango; Going Down!; Cover by Gil KaneL
20 November, 1972 What Price Victory?; Only One is Human!; For Whom the Drum Beats!; Cover by Gil KaneL
21 January, 1973 Two Worlds to Win!; I Was a Prisoner of the Martians!; The Green Thing; Face-to-Face With the Sinister Scarecrow; I Love A Mermaid!; I Made Time Stand Still; Masquerade; My Forbidden Paintings!; Tales of the Watcher: The Primitive; The Man Who Floats In Space!; Cover by Jim SterankoL
22 March, 1973 Thongor! Warrior of Lost Lemuria!; Gundar!; Iron Man is Born!; The Last Rocket; Cover by Jim SterankoL
23 May, 1973 Where Broods the Demon!; The Coming of the Giants!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
24 July, 1973 Red Swords, Black Wings!; The Lighthouse From Nowhere!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
25 September, 1973 The Wizard of Lemuria!; When the Eggs Hatch!; Cover by Gil KaneL
26 November, 1973 Tower of the Serpent-Women!; The Eyes of Mala-Tor; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
27 January, 1974 In the Crypts of Yamath!; I Come From the Black Void!; Cover by Vicente Alcazar - 'Vincente Alcazar'L
28 March, 1974 Mountain of Thunder!; No Sign of Life!; Those Who Change; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
29 May, 1974 Lord of Chaos!; Cover by Gil KaneL
30 July, 1974 Full Moon, Dark Fear!; Joe's Weak Spot; Cover by Gil KaneL
31 September, 1974 The Beast Within!; The Walking Dead!; Cover by Gil KaneL
32 November, 1974 Moon of the Hunter!; A Matter of Life or Death!; Cover by Gil KaneL
33 January, 1975 Deathgame!; The Stooge; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
34 March, 1975 Nightflight; Cover by George PerezL
35 May, 1975 Wolfquest; Cover by Gil KaneL
36 July, 1975 Weird Stone; Cover by Gil KaneL
37 September, 1975 Moonbound; Cover by Gil KaneL