Creatures on the Loose (1971-1975)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
19 September, 1972 The Long Road to Nowhere!; The Creature From Krango; Going Down!; Cover by Gil KaneL
23 May, 1973 Where Broods the Demon!; The Coming of the Giants!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
24 July, 1973 Red Swords, Black Wings!; The Lighthouse From Nowhere!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
27 January, 1974 In the Crypts of Yamath!; I Come From the Black Void!; Cover by Vicente Alcazar - 'Vincente Alcazar'L
28 March, 1974 Mountain of Thunder!; No Sign of Life!; Those Who Change; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L