Chiller Pocket Book (UK) (1980-1982)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 April, 1980 Deathsong; Satana, the Devil's Daughter; The Last Traitor!; The Wrath of Dracula!; A Generation of Vampires; A Vampire By Any Other Name: A Look at Lugosi's Non-Dracula Roles; At the Stroke of Midnight!; Five Claws to Tryphon; Satana; The Blood Sacrifice of Amanda Saint!; The Praying Mantis Principle!; V is for Vampire!; Witch Hunt!L
7 October, 1980 Batwings Over Transylvania!; Man-Thing!; Night of the Nether-Spawn!; The Spell of the Sea Witch!!; The Spider Waits; There is Something Strange About Mister Jones!; Batwings Over Transylvania!L