Solar, Man of the Atom (1991-1996)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
21 May, 1993 Afraid Of The Darque, Part 1; Cover by Jimmy Palmiotti,Joe QuesadaL
22 June, 1993 Afraid Of The Darque, Part 2: Where Do Gods Go To Pray?; Cover by Joe QuesadaL
23 July, 1993 Afraid of the Darque, Part 3: Split Decision; Cover by Joe QuesadaL
24 August, 1993 Half a Man; Cover by Mike MignolaL
25 September, 1993 Solar Eclipse; Cover by Bob Layton,Michael Leeke - 'Mike Leeke'L
26 October, 1993 A Town Called Malice; Cover by Sean ChenL
27 November, 1993 Awake In The Dreamtime; Cover by Jimmy Palmiotti,Michael Leeke - 'Mike Leeke'L