Alpha Flight Classic (2007-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 April, 2007 Cold Hands Cold Heart; Deathwatch; Genesis; In the Beginning...; Let a Child Be Born; Purpose; Resolutions; Shadows of the Past; Snowblind; The Importance of Being Deadly; The Old Ways; Tundra!; What Fools These Mortals Be...; Yesterday Man; Cover by John ByrneL
TP Vol 2 September, 2011 ...And Foresaking All Others...; ...And One Shall Surely Die; A Stranger in My Mirror; Biology Class; Blind Date; Blood Battle!; Dreams Die Hard...; Family Ties; Home are the Heroes!; How Long Will a Man Lie in the Earth 'Ere He Rot?; Nightmare!; Set-Up; Things Aren't Always What They Seem; Turn Again, Turn Again, Time in Thy Flight...; Unleash the Beast!; Cover by John ByrneL
TP Vol 3 November, 2012 ...And Graves Give Up Their Dead...; Betrayal; Cross-Over; Cut Bait and Run!; Final Conflict; Gold and Love Affairs!; Hook, Line and Sinker!; If at First You Don't Succeed...; Love Wrought New Alchemy...; Night of the Beast; Rub-Out; Cover by John ByrneL