Marvel Zomnibus (2012)
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HC October, 2012 A Head of the Game; A Plague of One; Apes vs. Zombies!; Bad Torrent; Crossover, Part 1; Crossover, Part 2; Crossover, Part 3; Dead Days; Frightful, Part 1; Frightful, Part 2; Frightful, Part 3; Half-Life; Heart of a Hero; Hell of a Mess, Part 1; Hell of a Mess, Part 2: From Bad to Worse; Hell of a Mess, Part 3: Absolutely No Way to Win; Isle of Wights; Marvel Zombies, Part 1; Marvel Zombies, Part 2; Marvel Zombies, Part 3; Marvel Zombies, Part 4; Marvel Zombies, Part 5; Midnight Sons, Part 1; Midnight Sons, Part 2: Night Shift; Midnight Sons, Part 3; Midnight Sons, Part 4; Prologue; Reflux; Strange Visitor; The Dead and the Quick; The Humblest Thing; Two Americas; With Great Hunger, There Must Also Come Greater Hunger!; Zombie SupremeL