Essential Thor (2001-Present)
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TP Vol 5 April, 2011 --And None Dare Stand 'Gainst Ego-Prime!; --And Odin Dies!; A Galaxy Consumed!; A World Gone Mad!; All Swords Against Them!; Behold! The Land of Doom!; Beware! If This Be... Ragnarok!; Exiled to Earth!; Firesword!; If This Be Death..!; Into the Dark Nebula!; Journey to the Golden Star!; Rebirth!; Resurrection!; The Demon Brigade!; The End of the Battle!; The Fourth-Dimensional Man!; The God in the Jewel; The Hammer and the Hellfire!; The Well at the Edge of the World!; They Walk Like Gods!; Warriors in the Night!; Where Chaos Rules!; Where Pass the Black Stars, There Also Passes... Death!; Within the Realm of Kartag!; Cover by John BuscemaL