Marvel Firsts: The 1970s (2012)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 January, 2012 And Men Shall Call Him... Warlock!; Beware the Claws of... The Cat!; Dracula; Ghost Rider; Joshua's Burden; Mary Shelley's Frankenstein!; Night of Full Moon--Night of Fear!; Out of Hell -- A Hero!; Prologue: 2018 A.D. / The War of the Worlds!; Red Wolf; Shanna the She-Devil!; Stop the Luftwaffe... Win the War!; The Beast!; The Day of the Defenders!; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Fury of the Femizons; The Inhumans!; The Night of the Looter; The Origin of the Man-Thing; The Return!; The Sub-Mariner and the Icebergs; Then Came... The Black Widow; Where Gargoyles Dwell!; ...Man-Thing!; Black Brother!; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Fury of the Femizons; The Night of the Looter!L
TP Vol 2 March, 2012 A Cold Knight's Frenzy; Bloody is the Path to Hell!; Brother Voodoo!; Call Him... Cyclops; Cry: Monster!; Deep-Sea Blitzkrieg!; Double Danger!; Foolproof; Frog Death!; Full Moon, Dark Fear!; Gabriel, Devil Hunter; Grandma Died Last Year!; I Entered the... Doorway to Doom!; I, the Iceman; Joe's Weak Spot!; Origin of the Tiger's Sons!; Panther's Rage, Part 1; Second Genesis!; The Colossus Lives Again!; The Coming of the Invaders!: A Captain Called America! / Enter: The Human Torch! / The Sub-Mariner Strikes!; The Female of the Species!; The Fury of Iron Fist!; The Kid's Night Out!; The Living Mummy!; The Man Who Captured Death!; The Man With No Past; The Son of Satan!; The Testing of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu!; There Walks the Golem!; War is Hell!; Call Him...Cyclops; The Sentinels Live!; The Torch is Passed...!; The Warlock Wears Three Faces!; Frog Death!; I Entered the... Doorway to Doom!; The Kid's Night Out! / Paper Legacy! / The Final Silence; The Man With No Past; Blood is Thicker...; Morbius; Revenge of the Unliving!; Satan Can Wait!; The Vampire: His Kith and Kin; The Vampyre!; The Worst (No Kiddin'!) Vampire Films Ever Made!; To Kill a Werewolf!; A Generation of Vampires; A Vampire By Any Other Name: A Look at Lugosi's Non-Dracula Roles; At the Stroke of Midnight!; Five Claws to Tryphon; Satana; The Blood Sacrifice of Amanda Saint!; The Praying Mantis Principle!; V is for Vampire!; Witch Hunt!; The Altar of the Damned!; Iron-Head; Night of the Walking Dead!; The Altar of the Damned!; The Mastermind; The Sensuous Zombie; The Thing From the Bog!; Zombie!; Brother Voodoo!; Zombie!; Catching a Killer Red-Handed!; Films of Fury; Fu on You; Getting in Shape For the Martial Arts; Hai, Karate / Kung-Fu Fan; Heroes Don't Die; Raising Caine on Thursday Night: What's Right With Kung Fu; Shang-Chi-- Master of Kung Fu!; The Sons of the Tiger!; The Way of the Tiger, the Sign of the Dragon and the Click of the Neilsens!; What To Do Till the Sensei Comes; Foolproof!; There Walks the Golem!; Full Moon, Dark Fear!; Joe's Weak Spot; Gabriel, Devil Hunter; A Fire in Hell; Bloody is the Path to Hell!; Gran'ma Died Last Year; Something Wicked!; The Exorcist TapesN
TP Vol 3 June, 2012 Black Goliath; Dark Destiny!; Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy; Dweller From the Depths! / The Lurker Within; Just Another Planet Story!; Machine Man; Nova / The Coming of Nova / Star-Power! / Enter: Zorr the Conqueror!; Omega the Unknown; The 3-D Man; The Coming of Skull the Slayer! / Time Lost!; The Day of the Gods; The She-Hulk Lives; The World Still Needs... The Champions!; This Woman, This Warrior!; The She-Hulk Lives; The Coming of Skull the Slayer! / Time LostN