Marvel Firsts: The 1970s (2012)
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TP Vol 2 March, 2012 A Cold Knight's Frenzy; Bloody is the Path to Hell!; Brother Voodoo!; Call Him... Cyclops; Cry: Monster!; Deep-Sea Blitzkrieg!; Double Danger!; Foolproof; Frog Death!; Full Moon, Dark Fear!; Gabriel, Devil Hunter; Grandma Died Last Year!; I Entered the... Doorway to Doom!; I, the Iceman; Joe's Weak Spot!; Origin of the Tiger's Sons!; Panther's Rage, Part 1; Second Genesis!; The Colossus Lives Again!; The Coming of the Invaders!: A Captain Called America! / Enter: The Human Torch! / The Sub-Mariner Strikes!; The Female of the Species!; The Fury of Iron Fist!; The Kid's Night Out!; The Living Mummy!; The Man Who Captured Death!; The Man With No Past; The Son of Satan!; The Testing of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu!; There Walks the Golem!; War is Hell!; Call Him...Cyclops; The Sentinels Live!; The Torch is Passed...!; The Warlock Wears Three Faces!; Frog Death!; I Entered the... Doorway to Doom!; The Kid's Night Out! / Paper Legacy! / The Final Silence; The Man With No PastN