Wolverine and Deadpool (UK) (2010-Present)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
13 December, 2010 Magnum Opus, Part 1: All Your Base Are Belong to Us; Magnum Opus, Part 2; Weapon XI, Part 3L
14 January, 2011 Magnum Opus, Part 3: Hard to Get; Romulus, Part 1; Weapon XI, Part 4L
16 March, 2011 A Mile in My Moccasins, Part 1; A Mile in My Moccasins, Part 2; Bullseye, Part 1: The Shaft; One-Percenter, Part 1; One-Percenter, Part 2; Romulus, Part 4L
17 March, 2011 Bullseye, Part 2: Let the Healing Begin; Bullseye, Part 3: Knocking Over the Candy Store; The Adamantium Men, Part 1; The Adamantium Men, Part 2L
20 June, 2011 %5BUntitled%5D; Ghosts; The Anniversary; Undeadpool; Want You to Want Me, Part 1: The Complete Idiot's Guide to MetaphorsL
21 July, 2011 Want You to Want Me, Part 2: No Man is an Island; Want You to Want Me, Part 3: The Revolution Will be Televised; Want You to Want Me, Part 4: You Have the Right Not to be KilledN
22 August, 2011 7 the Hard Way, Part 1; 7 the Hard Way, Part 2; Whatever a Spider Can, Part 1: Start Spreadin' the NewsN
26 December, 2011 Reckoning, Part 3; Reckoning, Part 4; Tricky, Part 1: Here Comes a New ShooterN
27 January, 2012 And the End is Always Near; Tricky, Part 2: The Big Blind; What I Do, Part 1; What I Do, Part 2N
28 February, 2012 Sinner-Sinner, Chicken Dinner; The End of the Beginning; Tricky, Part 3N