Pet Avengers Classic (2009)
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TP September, 2009 ...Just a Man Called Cage!; ...On a Wing and a Prayer!; A Lovely Day For an Execution!; A New Light; Cat's Eye; Daliva Means Forever!; Flesh of My Flesh; Hamster Havoc!; Happy Ending; Heartbreak Kid!; Heavy on Action, Light on Plot; I Was the Guy in Spider-Man's Armpit!; If Wishes Were Horses; Keepsake; Killers of a Purple Rage!; Leftovers; Lockheed the Dragon; Mastermind Excello; Mirror Moves; Monstro; Ocean-Ape Escape!; Paws... And Fast-Forward; Positron; Redemption Song, Part 4: A Momentary Taste of Being; Sassafras, the Dog Filled With Fear!; Speed Demon; Tales of Zabu: Blood Brothers; Tales of Zabu: In the Shadows of Man; Telepathy Terror!; The Ameridroid Lives!; The Bug-Eyed Voice!; The Bush of Ghosts, Part 5: Ant Hills of the Savannah; The Coming of... Squirrel Girl!; The Evolutionary War, Part 4: Mind Games; The Man With X-Ray Eyes; The Return of the Frightful Four!; The Saga of High Evolutionary, Part 4: Blood Drawn, Blood Spilt; The Secrets of Spider-Man; The Stars in Their Courses!; The Winning Hand; Three Strikes, Yer Out!; Turkey Trouble!; Weapon X, Prologue; You Say You Want An Evolution?; Choosing Sides; Conscientious Objector; Non-Human Americans; Switching Sides; ...Just a Man Called Cage!; Killers of a Purple Rage!; The Secrets of Spider-Man!L