Daredevil (1964-1998)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
66 July, 1970 ...And One Cried Murder!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
67 August, 1970 Stilt-Man Stalks the Soundstage; Cover by Marie SeverinL
69 October, 1970 A Life on the Line; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
71 December, 1970 If an Eye Offend Thee...!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
72 January, 1971 Lo! The Lord of the Leopards!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
74 March, 1971 In the Country of the Blind!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
75 April, 1971 Now Rides the Ghost of El Condor!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
76 May, 1971 The Deathmarch of El Condor!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
77 June, 1971 ...And So Enters the Amazing Spider-Man; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
78 July, 1971 The Horns of the Bull!; Cover by Herb TrimpeL
79 August, 1971 ''Murder!'' Cries the Man-Bull!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
80 September, 1971 In the Eyes ... Of the Owl!; Cover by Marie SeverinL
81A October, 1971 And Death is a Woman Called Widow; The Sinister Space Trap!; Face-to-Face at Last With Baron Mordo!; Cover by Gil KaneL
83 January, 1972 The Widow Accused!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L
84 February, 1972 Night of the Assassin!; Cover by Gil KaneL
86 April, 1972 Once Upon a Time --The Ox!; Cover by John BuscemaL
87 May, 1972 From Stage Left, Enter: Electro!; Cover by John BuscemaL
88 June, 1972 Call Him Killgrave!; Cover by Gil KaneL
89 July, 1972 Crisis!; Cover by Sal BuscemaL
90 August, 1972 The Sinister Secret of Project Four!; Cover by Gil KaneL
91 September, 1972 Fear is the Key!; Cover by Gil KaneL
92 October, 1972 On the Eve of the Talon!; Cover by Gil KaneL
93 November, 1972 A Power Corrupt!; Cover by Gil KaneL
94 December, 1972 He Can Crush the World!; Cover by Gil KaneL
95 January, 1973 Bullfight on the Bay!; Cover by Gil KaneL
96 February, 1973 The Widow Will Make You Pay!; Cover by Gil KaneL
98 April, 1973 Let There Be--Death!; Cover by George TuskaL
100 June, 1973 Mind Storm!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
102 August, 1973 Stilt-Man Stalks the City!; Cover by Rich Buckler - 'Ron Validar'L
105 November, 1973 Menace From the Moons of Saturn!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.,Don HeckL
108 March, 1974 Cry... Beetle!; Cover by Gil KaneL
109 May, 1974 Dying For Dollar$!; Cover by Gil KaneL
110 June, 1974 Birthright!; Cover by Ron WilsonL