52 Omnibus (2012)
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HC November, 2012 A Year in the Life; Asked and Answered; Batwoman Begins!; Beyond the Black Stump; Breathless; Burial Ground; China Syndrome; Dances With Monsters; Dark Knight Down; Deaths in the Family; Dismantled; Dream of America; Eve of Destruction; Every Hour Wounds, the Last Kills; Family Matters; God is Fragged; Going Down; Golden Lads and Lasses Must...; Halfway House; Haystack; History Repeats; Homecoming; How to Win a War in Space; Human Resources; Just Imagine; Last of the Czarnians; Liminal Times; Looking Back at Tomorrow; Mad Science; Man 'Aint Nothing But a Man; Mighty; Miracles & Wonders; Name Calling; New World Order; Outshined; Powers & Abilities; Rain of the Superman; Revelations; Sand and Rust; Secret Identities; Seven Days in Nanda Parvat; Stars in Their Courses; Stop the Press; Suicidal Tendencies; Team-Building Exercises; The Island of Professor Morrow; The Most Wonderful Time of the Year; The Past Best Hope; Thief; Trigger Effect; Uhebbuki; World War IIIL