Incredible Hercules (2009-2010)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
HC Vol 1 July, 2009 Smash of the Titans; Smash of the Titans; The Incredible Herc, Part 1: Birds of Stymphalis; The Incredible Herc, Part 2: Shirt of Nessus; The Incredible Herc, Part 3: Walls of Troy; The Incredible Herc, Part 4: Glory of Hera; The Iron Avengers, Part 10: The Insult That Made An Iron Man Out of ''Max''; The Titan and the Torment!; Warbound, Part 1; Warbound, Part 2; Warbound, Part 3; Warbound, Part 4; Warbound, Part 5; Warbound, Part 6; Iron Many, Part 1: Armored and Dangerous; The Iron Avengers, Part 11: TV is Harmful; The Iron Avengers, Part 12: Putting Ka-Zar in Iron; The Iron Avengers, Part 9: Putting the X-Men in Iron; When Rises the Behemoth; Cover by Gary FrankL
HC Vol 2 March, 2010 Sacred Invasion; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 10: Of Skrulls and Cows; Hulk Splash!; Love and War, Part 1; Love and War, Part 2: Bullets & Bracelets; Love and War, Part 3: Axis Mundi; Love and War, Part 4: The Weight of the World; Love and War, Part 5: Liberated; Love and War, Part Love and War, Part 4: The Weight of the World; Prologue to Sacred Invasion: Metamorphoses; Sacred Invasion, Part 1: The God Squad; Sacred Invasion, Part 2: Dream Time; Sacred Invasion, Part 3: Contact; Sacred Invasion, Part 4: Infinite Names; Secret Mini Invasion: Fantastic Four; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 11: How to Hippotize People; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 12: More Invisible Than the Invisible Girl; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 9: Medals!; Rolling Thunder; The Prophecy; Cover by John Romita, Jr.N