Essential X-Factor (2005-Present)
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TP Vol 1 November, 2005 Apocalypse Now!; Bless the Beasts and Children; Boom Boom Boom!; Fall Out!; Ghosts!; Grand Design; Lost and Found!; Many Brave Hearts...; Mutant Massacre, Part 2: Spots!; Mutant Massacre, Part 4: Falling Angel!; Mutant Massacre, Part 6: The Gift of Death; Mutant Massacre, Part 8: Fires of the Night!; Mutant Massacre, Part 9: Redemption!; Playing With Fire!; Regression Obsession; Tapped Out; The Mutant Program!; Third Genesis; Trials and Errors; Whose Death is it, Anyway?; Whose Power--?; X-Factor Prelude, Part 2: Like a Phoenix!; Cover by Jackson Guice - 'Butch Guice'L
TP Vol 2 January, 2007 All Together Now!; Casualties; Children's Crusade; Countdown!; Death!; Die, Mutants, Die!; Fame!; For All the World to See; For Every Action...; Gifts!; Go to the Orphan Maker!; If I Should Die...; Judgment Day!; Kiss of Death!; Kiss Off!; Masks; The Carbon Copy Avengers; The Enemy Within!; The Man in the Moon; When Loki Stood Alone!; You Say You Want Some Evolution?; Cover by Walter Simonson - 'Walt Simonson'L
TP Vol 3 December, 2009 All That Glitters...; Dust to Dust; Golden Boy!; Inferno, Part 1: Strike the Match; Inferno, Part 2: Transformations!; Inferno, Part 3: Fan the Flames; Inferno, Part 4: A Matter of Honor; Inferno, Part 5: Burn!; Inferno, Part 6: Duet!; Inferno, Part 7: Ashes; Inferno, Part 8: Ashes to Ashes; Inferno, Prologue: Vanities; Judgment War Interlude: Guardian; Judgment War, Part 1: Kidnapped!; Judgment War, Part 2: Another World!; Judgment War, Part 3: Arena!; Judgment War, Part 4: Exchange; Judgment War, Part 5: Common Ground!; Judgment War, Part 6: Power Struggle; Judgment War, Part 7: Judgment Day; Meanwhile, on Earth...; Cover by Rob Liefeld,Todd McFarlane - 'Will Carlton'L
TP Vol 4 February, 2012 ...That I Be Bound in a Nutshell; Atlantis Attacks, Part 10: I Must Go Down to the Sea Again...; Beyond and Back; Cast in Fire, Carved in Stone; Celebrity!; Crimson; Days of Future Present, Part 1: When Franklin Comes Marchin' Home...; Days of Future Present, Part 2: Act of Faith; Days of Future Present, Part 3: The Once and Future Mutant; Days of Future Present, Part 4: You Must Remember This; Desperately Seeking Vera; Ghosts; Home!; If I Had the Wings of an Angel...; Inferno, Aftermath; Nevermore; Prisoner of Love; Ravens; Reflections; The Fundamental Things; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 10: Emperor of Death!; Tribute, Part 1; Tribute, Part 2; Yesterday's News; Cover by Terry ShoemakerL
TP Vol 5 December, 2012 Close Encounters of the Mutant Kind; Endgame, Part 1: Malign Influences; Endgame, Part 2: Heroic Effort; Endgame, Part 3: Lunar Opposition!; Endgame, Part 4: Finale; Family; Kings of Pain, Part 1: Pawns of Senescence; Kings of Pain, Part 3: Queens of the Sacrifice; Kings of Pain, Part 4: King of Pain; The Enemy Within; The Killing Stroke, Part 1: The First Cut; The Killing Stroke, Part 2: The Razor's Edge; The Killing Stroke, Part 3: Sacrificial Lambs; The Muir Island Saga, Epilogue: Ends and Odds; The Muir Island Saga, Part 3: Clash Reunion; The Muir Island Saga, Part 4: One Step Back -- Two Steps Forward; The Origin of the X-Men; The Price; Tribute, Part 3; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 1: First Strike; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 2: Shell Game; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 3: Brotherhood; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 4: Flashpoint!; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 5: United We Stand; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 6: Betrayal!; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 7: Capital Crimes; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 8: War; X-Tinction Agenda, Part 9: Capital Punishment; Cover by Whilce PortacioL