Essential X-Factor (2005-Present)
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TP Vol 1 November, 2005 Apocalypse Now!; Bless the Beasts and Children; Boom Boom Boom!; Fall Out!; Ghosts!; Grand Design; Lost and Found!; Many Brave Hearts...; Mutant Massacre, Part 2: Spots!; Mutant Massacre, Part 4: Falling Angel!; Mutant Massacre, Part 6: The Gift of Death; Mutant Massacre, Part 8: Fires of the Night!; Mutant Massacre, Part 9: Redemption!; Playing With Fire!; Regression Obsession; Tapped Out; The Mutant Program!; Third Genesis; Trials and Errors; Whose Death is it, Anyway?; Whose Power--?; X-Factor Prelude, Part 2: Like a Phoenix!; Cover by Jackson Guice - 'Butch Guice'L