Batman Beyond Unlimited (2012-2013)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
7 October, 2012 Konstriction, Part 8: Ecdysis; Beyond Origin: Aquagirl; Failsafe; Cover by Dustin NguyenL
8 November, 2012 10,00 Clowns: Boomtown; Konstriction, Part 9: Crawlspace; Failsafe; Cover by Dustin NguyenL
TP Vol 1 May, 2013 10,000 Clowns; 10,00 Clowns: Boomtown; 10,000 Clowns, Part 1: Crooked Parallel Lines; 10,000 Clowns, Prelude; 10,000 Clowns: All Hands; 10,000 Clowns: Lights Of Gotham; Beyond Origin: Aquagirl; Beyond Origin: Warhawk, Part 1; Beyond Origin: Warhawk, Part 2; Eradicated!; Failsafe; Falling Star; Konstriction, Part 1: Snake in the Grass; Konstriction, Part 10: Dealing With The Devil; Konstriction, Part 12: The Mortal Coil; Konstriction, Part 2: Embedded; Konstriction, Part 5: The Serpent's Head; Konstriction, Part 6: Signs and Wonders; Konstriction, Part 7: Prophets of Ophidia; Konstriction, Part 8: Ecdysis; Konstriction, Part 9: Crawlspace; Legends of the Dark Knight: Jake; The Trigger Man, Part 1: Reports of My Demise; The Trigger Man, Part 3: Stan, Mad; The Trigger Man, Part 4: Stan Mad; War Crimes; Cover by Dustin NguyenL