Deathstroke (2011-2013)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
8 June, 2012 Circle of Life; Cover by Simon BisleyL
13 December, 2012 Cover by Eduardo PansicaL
14 January, 2013 Hawkman: Wanted, Part 3L
TP Vol 1 August, 2012 Legacy; Achilles Heel; Back to Basics; Blowback; Circle of Life; Deadly Reunions; Legacy; The Carpocalypse; Time's Up; Cover by Simon BisleyL
TP Vol 2 February, 2014 Lobo Hunt; A Soldier's Story; Hawkman: Wanted, Part 3; Lobo Hunt, Part 1; Lobo Hunt, Part 2; Showdown at StarpointL