I...Vampire! (2012)
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TP April, 2012 A Bend in the Road; A Cardboard Hero; A Louse is Not a Home; A Rift in the Veil; A Rip in Time; Art Attack!; As I Grow Pale and Thin; At the Hollywood Deli; Back in the U.S.S.R.!; Beat the Devil; Benny's Friend; Blood and Sand; Blood is Thicker; Blood Ties!; By the Time We Got to Woodstock; Cain in the House of Mystery; Chip Off the Old Block!; D-Day For Earth; Eyes of Love; Fix You Right Up; Food For Thought!; Germ of Greed!; Have it Their Way!; Hnson's Pooch; House Odds; I, Edward Trance; i, the Pursuer of Demons; I...Vampire; Jenny, are You There?; Manhattan Interlude; Mirrors That Look Back; Mother Love/Mother Hate IV; Night of the Living Undead!; Proof From Beyond!; Red or Blue?; Royal Blood; Side Effects; Stalk and Slash; String-Out; Suicide Club; The Accusing Hand!; The Burning!; The Day After Doomsday; The Dragon-Troll Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!; The Final Chapter: Dreams of Death!; The Game of Fear; The Highest Court in the Land; The Idol of Millions; The Lone Bat; The Night Has Eyes; The Old Boy Network; The Pugilist; The Realists!; The Rings of Kur-Alet; The Seas Run Red!; The Senior Sin!; The Serpent Tree; The Thing in the Tunnels; The Unveiling; Through a Lens, Darkly; Witch Hunt; Zen Flesh! Zen Bones!L