X-Men: Inferno (2009)
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HC May, 2009 ...That I Be Bound in a Nutshell; Atlantis Attacks, Part 10: I Must Go Down to the Sea Again...; Death!; Demon Reign; Dust to Dust; Finale!; For All the World to See; Go to the Orphan Maker!; Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?; Inferno, Aftermath; Inferno, Part 1: Strike the Match; Inferno, Part 2: Transformations!; Inferno, Part 3: Fan the Flames; Inferno, Part 4: A Matter of Honor; Inferno, Part 5: Burn!; Inferno, Part 6: Duet!; Inferno, Part 7: Ashes; Inferno, Part 8: Ashes to Ashes; Inferno, Prologue: Vanities; Invasion of the Baby-Snatchers; Limbo; Speed Demon!; The Gift; The Saga of the Serpent Crown, Part 10: Emperor of Death!L