X-Men: Inferno Crossovers (2010)
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HC August, 2010 ...I Found Me in a Gloomy Wood, Astray...; Between a Rock and a Hard Place!; Demon Night; Disaster!!!; Eyes of the Demon; Fire With Fire; Goblin Morn!; Goblin Night; I (Heart) NY; I Die Like the Stars! (or -- Fan Johnny Storm!); In Bitterness Not Far From Death...; Inferno Epilogue: Isolation!; Inferno(Squared); Mysteries of the Dead; Night of the Living Ned!; Orphan of the Storm!; Revenge of the Bogeyman, Part 1; Revenge of the Bogeyman, Part 2: The Bogeyman Must Die; Revenge of the Bogeyman, Part 3: What Price Victory?; Slithereens; The Coming of the Accursed Avengers!; The Face in the Mirror; The Goblin War!; We Again Beheld the Stars; When the Bugle Blows; Cover by Todd McFarlane - 'Will Carlton'L