Steve Ditko Omnibus (2011-2012)
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HC Vol 1 September, 2011 Shade, the Changing Man; A Demon and His Boy; A Murder of Time; Ark; Betrayal on Gamma Nova; Blood and Tinsel; Blood of the Twilight Reign; Burnt Offerings!; Canine Conniptions; Castle in the Attic; Cold Hands, Warm Hearts; Dead Man's Bride; Death Played a Sideshow; Deep Sleep; Epode!; Final Warning!; Gargoyle Twice a Day; Good For Nothing; House at Devil's Tail!; Life in Outer Space; Once a Criminal; Roman Holiday; Showdown With Death!; Skin Game; Sorcerer's Apprentice; Star-Trakker; The Blood Curse of Maule's Well!; The Champ Wouldn't Stay Dead!; The Creature Commandos; The Curse of the Sea Monkey!; The Devil's Plague; The Faceless Man; The Gambles!; The Game of Death; The Ghost of Deadman's Breach!; The Night Job; The Passing of the Power; The Royal House of the Dead; Time Piece!; Trial by Fire; Wake Up the Dead; With His Head in the StarsL