Uncanny X-Men: The Complete Collection By Matt Fraction
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 1 February, 2013 Belong; Blend In; Danger Room; Dead Man Walking; Enter the Pixie; Exit the Artist; Home; Lovelorn, Part 1: Every Little Bit Hurts; Lovelorn, Part 2; Lovelorn, Part 3; Lovelorn, Part 4; Migas; Resignation; SFX, Part 1: The Extraordinary Dream of Kingo Sunen; SFX, Part 2: All Tomorrow's Parties; SFX, Part 3: Beginning to See the Light; SFX, Part 4: The Serpent is Here!; Sisterhood, Part 1; Sisterhood, Part 2; Sisterhood, Part 3; Sisterhood, Part 4; Superstars of the Spandex Scene; The Exploding Plastic Inevitable; The Extraordinary Cargo of Guy DeMondue; The Fix is In...!; The Mayor and the Queen in Exurbia; Vox Populi; White Queen, Dark ReignL
TP Vol 2 April, 2013 ...And I'll Get the Land; Dead Man Walking; Dinner With Doom; Family Trust; How I Survived Apocalyptic Fire; Nation X, Part 1; Nation X, Part 2; Nation X, Part 3; Nation X, Part 4; Nation X, Part 5; The Judgment of Namor; The Origin of the Species; Untitled; Utopia, Part 1; Utopia, Part 2; Utopia, Part 4; Utopia, Part 6; Dead Man Walking; ResignationL