Essential Avengers
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TP Vol 5 January, 2006 --They First Make Mad!; ...And Now Magneto!; ...If Atlantis Should Fall!; A Traitor Stalks Among Us!; Avengers vs. Defender, Part 1: Deception!!; Avengers vs. Defenders, Aftermath: A Dark and Stormy Knight; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 11: To the Death!; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 2: Betrayal!; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 3: The Silver Surfer vs. the Vision and the Scarlet Witch; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 4: Divide... And Conquer; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 5: Iron Man vs. Hawkeye; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 6: Dr. Strange vs. Black Panther and Mantis; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 7: Holocaust/Swordsman vs. the Valkyrie; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 8: Captain America vs. Sub-Mariner; Avengers vs. Defenders, Part 9: Breakthrough!; Avengers vs. Defenders, Prologue: Alliance Most Foul!; Below Us the Battle!; Check--And Mate!; Five Dooms to Save Tomorrow!; Hulk vs. Thor, Part 10: United We Stand!; In the Beginning Was... The World Within!; Let Slip the Dogs of War!; Night of the Collector; Night of the Swordsman; The Lion God Lives!; The Mark of Hawkeye!; The Master Plan of the Space Phantom!; The Measure of a Man!; The Sentinels Are Alive and Well!; What to Do Till the Sentinels Comes!; Whatever Gods There Be!; With a Bang-- And a Whimper!; With Two Beside Them!; Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions!; Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith - 'Barry Smith'L
TP Vol 6 February, 2008 ...Let All Men Bring Together; A Blast From the Past!; A Journey to the Center of the Ant; A Quiet Half-Hour in Saigon!; All the Sounds and Sights of Death!; Betrayed By the Ants!!; Beware the Star-Stalker!; Bewitched, Bothered, and Dead!; Bid Tomorrow Goodbye!; Bride and Doom!; Death-Stars of the Zodiac!; Houses Divided Cannot Stand!; Iron Man: D.O.A.; Kang War II, Part 1; Kang War II, Part 2: ...What Time Hath Put Asunder!; Nuklo-- The Invader That Time Forgot! / The Child is Father to the Fiend! / What Hell Has Joined Together!; Origin of the Vision: The Torch is Passed!; Prescription: Violence!; Prisoners of the Pharaoh!; Stranger in a Strange Man!; The Avengers Battle... The Space Phantom; The God Himself!; The Magician and the Maiden!; The Origin of Mantis, Part 1: Yesterday and Beyond...; The Origin of Mantis, Part 2: The Times That Bind!; The Power of Babel!; The Ray of Madness!; The Reality Problem!; The Wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver!; Then Came... The Black Widow; Trapped in Outer Space!; Ultron-7: He'll Rule the World!; Vengeance in Vietnam! - or - An Origin For Mantis!; We Do Seek Out New Avengers!!; I Found the Impossible World!; Secret of the Statues!; The Coming of... Colossus; The Magician and the Maiden; The Space Phantom; Cover by Gil KaneL