Essential Captain America
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TP Vol 6 March, 2011 ...On a Wing and a Prayer!; A Serpent Lurks Below; Am I Still Captain America?; Arnim Zola -- The Bio-Fanatic!!; Assault on Alcatraz!; Call Me Animus; Cul-De-Sac!; Devastation!; Face to Face With the Swine!; Monumental Menace!; Nazi ''X''!; One Day in Newfoundland!; Power; Saturday Night Furor!; Showdown Day!; The Adventures of Captain America; The Ameridroid Lives!; The Battle Below; The Coming of Captain Avenger!; The Face of a Hero! Yours!!; The Great Mutant Massacre!; The Human Torch Meets... ''Captain America''; The Night Flyer!; The River of Death!; The Search For Steve Rogers!; The Tiger and the Swine!!; The Way It Really Was!; This Deadly Gauntlet!; Traitors All About Me!; The Return of the Omnipotent Baron Mordo!; Traitors All About Me!; Assault on Alcatraz!; The Battle Below; Cover by Gil KaneL