Essential Conan
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TP Vol 1 2000 A Sword Called Stormbringer!; Beware the Wrath of Anu!; Devil-Wings Over Shadizar; Hawks From the Sea; Lair of the Beast-Men!; Men of the Shadows; Rouges in the House; The Black Hound of Vengeance; The Blood of the Dragon; The Coming of Conan!; The Dweller in the Dark; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Garden of Fear; The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, Part 1; The Gods of Bal-Sagoth, Part 2: The Thing in the Temple; The Green Empress of Melnibone; The Keepers of the Crypt; The King and the Oak; The Lurker Within; The Mirrors of Kharam Akkad; The Monster of the Monoliths; The Shadow of the Vulture; The Song of Red Sonja; The Sword and the Sorcerers!; The Tower of the Elephant; The Twilight of the Grim Grey God!; Web of the Spider-God; Zukala's Daughter; Cover by John BuscemaL