Essential Ghost Rider
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TP Vol 3 October, 2009 Call Him... Monster!; Evil is the Enforcer!; Graveyard of the Plundered Dead!; If the Eyes Destroy Me!; Menace of the Oil Jinns; Moon Over Dark Water!; Orb of Evil... Eye of Doom!; The Diesel of Doom!; The Kiss of Doom!; The Lair of the Loan Shark!; The Menace of Moondark; The She-Witch of Doom!; The Sirens of Kronos!; Three Angels Fallen!; To Slay a Demon!; Touch of Terror!; Where Walks... The Apparition!; Wizardous Waters Run Deep!; The Sirens of Kronos!; The She-Witch of Doom!; Orb of Evil... Eye of Doom!; Touch of Terror!L