Essential Incredible Hulk
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TP Vol 5 November, 2008 ...And Man-Thing Makes Three!; ...And S.H.I.E.L.D. Shall Follow!; An Intruder in the Mind!; And Canst Thou Slay... The Juggernaut?; And Now... The Wolverine!; And Six Shall Crush the Hulk! / Where There's Smoke, There's Diablo! / And Taboo Shall Triumph! / It is Groot, the Monster From Planet X!! / --For I Am Goom!! / Beware the Blip! / A Titan Shall Slay Him!; And the Wind Howls... Wendigo!; Anybody Out There Remember... The Cobalt Man?; Between Hammer and Anvil!; Crisis on Counter-Earth!; Deathknell!; Doomsday-- Down Under!; Fury at 50,000 Volts!; Man-Brute in the Hidden Land!; Mind Over Mayhem!; None Are So Blind...!; Peril of the Plural Planet!; Re-Enter: The Missing Link!; Revenge!; Shadow on the Land!; The Abomination Proclamation!; The Day of the Devastator!; The Day of the Locust!; The Doctor's Name is... Samson!; The Lurker Beneath Loch Fear!; The Man Who Came Down on a Rainbow!; The Shangri-La Syndrome!; The Triumph of the Toad!; There's a Gremlin in the Works!; Triumph on Terra-Two!; Warfare in Wonderland!L