Essential Killraven
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TP Vol 1 2005 A Death in the Family; Are You Ready For the... Impossible; Arena Kill!; Death's Dark Dreamer!; Escape From Nowhere!; Face of Fear!; For He's a Jolly Dead Rebel!; Future-Shock!, Part 1; Killraven: 2020; Last Dreams Broken / Cocoa Beach Blues / Blood and Passion / Let It Die Like Fourth of July; Mourning Prey / Interim I: Creation / Interim II: Metamorphosis / Interim III: Migration; Only the Computer Shows Me Any Respect!; Prologue: 2018 A.D. / The War of the Worlds!; Red Dust Legacy; Sing Out Loudly...Death!; Something Worth Dying For!; The 24-Hour Man; The Day the Monuments Shattered; The Death Breeders; The Death Merchant!; The Devil's Marauder / The Vengeance Threshold!; The Hell Destroyers; The Legend Assassins!; The Man Who Went Too Far; The Mutant Slayers!; The Painting; The Rebels of January and Beyond!; The Sirens of 7th Ave; The Strangers; The Warlord Strikes!; The World of Flame!; Washington Nightmare!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L