Essential Luke Cage
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TP Vol 1 February, 2005 Among Us Walks... Black Goliath!; Call Him... Cottonmouth!; Chemistro!; Crescendo!; Crime and Circuses; Cry Fear... Cry Phantom!; Don't Mess With Black Mariah!; Havoc on the High Iron!; How Like a Serpent's Tooth...; Invasion!; Jingle Bombs!; Just a Guy Named ''X''!; Knights and White Satin!; Mark of the Mace!; Out of Hell -- A Hero!; Retribution!, Part 1; Retribution!, Part 2; Retribution!, Part 3: Shake Hands With Stiletto!; Rich Man: Iron Man -- Power Man: Thief!; The Broadway Mayhem of 1974; The Claws of Lionfang; The Killer With My Name!; The Lucky... And the Dead!; The Night Shocker!; Vengeance is Mine!; Welcome to Security City; Where Angels Fear to Tread!; Where There's Life...!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L