Essential Luke Cage
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TP Vol 2 October, 2006 --Big Brother Wants You... Dead!; Battle With the Baron!; Chemistro is Back! Deadlier Than Ever!; Chemistro!; Countdown to Catastrophe!; Death, Taxes, and Springtime Vendettas!; Earthshock!; Fist of Iron-- Heart of Stone!; Gold! Gold! Who's Got the Gold?; Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight!; Look What They've Done to Our Lives, Ma!; Murder is the Man Called Mace!; No One Laughs at Mr. Fish!; Of Memories, Both Vicious and Haunting; Over the Years They Murdered the Stars!; Rush Hour to Limbo!; Seagate is a Lonely Place to Die!; Sticks and Stones Will Break Your Bones, But Spears Can Kill You!; The Day Chicago Died!; The Death of Luke Cage! And a New Beginning For Power Man!; The Fire This Time!; The Man Who Killed Jiminy Cricket!; Thunderbolt and Goldbug!; Cover by Dave CockrumL