Essential Man-Thing
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TP Vol 1 November, 2006 A Question of Survival!; And When I Died...!; Battle For the Palace of the Gods!; Cry of the Native!; Dance to the Murder; Day of the Killer, Night of the Fool!; Deathwatch!; From Here to Infinity! / The Tale of the Tome!; Goom! The Thing From Planet X!; He Stalks By Night!; How Will We Keep Warm When the Last Flame Dies?; I Dared Enter the Forbidden World!; I Learned the Deadly Secret of the Blip!; I Was the Invisible Man!; It Came Out of the Sky!; Joshua's Burden; Listen, You Fool; Man-Thing!; Mister Black; Night of the Laughing Dead; Night of the Nether-Spawn!; No Choice of Colors!; Nobody Dies Forever; Nowhere to Go But Down!; Of Monsters and Men!; Red Sails at 40,000 Feet!; Song-Cry... Of the Living Dead Man!; Terror Stalks the Everglades!; The Demon Plague!; The Enchanter's Apprentice!; The Face of Horror!; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Fury of the Femizons; The Gift of Death!; The Ice-Monster Cometh!; The Making of a Madman!; The Night of the Looter; The Old Die Young!; The Origin of the Man-Thing; The Spell of the Sea Witch!!; The Spider Waits; The Way It All Began!; There is Something Strange About Mister Jones!; Tower of the Satyr!; Where Worlds Collide!; Battle For the Palace of the Gods!; ...Man-Thing!; Black Brother!; The Frost Giant's Daughter; The Fury of the Femizons; The Night of the Looter!; All the Faces of Fear!; Demon of Slaughter Mansion!; Frankenstein 1974, Part 1: Once a Monster..!; Peter Snubb: Werewolf!; The Dark Passage; Werewolf Tale to End All Werewolf Tales!; Cover by Frank BrunnerL