Essential Marvel Horror
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TP Vol 1 December, 2006 ...Dance With the Devil My Red-Eyed Son!; 4000 Holes in Forest Part!; A Sorcerer Possessed!; A Woman Possessed!; All the Fires in Hell...! / The Possessed! / A Union Born in Hell! / The Flame and the Fire!; Assassin's Mind!; Black Sabbath!; Cloud of Witness!; Contact!; Deathsong; Demon, Demon -- Who's Got the Demon?; Ghost Town!; House of Elements!; Ice and Hellfire!; In the Shadow of the Serpent!; In This Light, Darkness!; Journey Into Himself!; Last Rites!; Madhouse!; Mirror of Judgement; Mourning at Dawn!; Satana, the Devil's Daughter; Shake Hands With Satan!; The Fool's Path!; The Homecoming!, Part 1; The Homecoming!, Part 2: The Possession!; The Homecoming!, Part 3: Demon's Head; The Son of Satan!; Walk the Darkling Road!; When Satan Stalked the Earth!; A Sorcerer Possessed!; Last Rites; Cover by Gil KaneL