Essential Ms. Marvel
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TP Vol 1 February, 2007 ...And Grotesk Shall Slay Thee!; Bridge of No Return; By Friends-- Betrayed!; Call Me Death-Bird!; Cry Murder-- Cry MODOK!; Cry, Vengeance!; Day of the Dark Angel!; Death is the Doomsday Man!; Enigma of Fear!; Fear Stalks Floor 40; Fireworks; Homecoming!; Mirror, Mirror!; Nightmare!; Not to Touch the Earth; Second Chance!; Shadow of the Gun!; The All-New Ms. Marvel; The Deep Deadly Silence!; The Devil in the Dark!; The Lady's Not For Killing!; The Last Sunset...?; The Shark is a Very Deadly Beast!; The St. Valentine's Day/Avengers Massacre!; The Warrior-- And the Witch-Queen!; The Woman Who Fell to Earth; This Woman, This Warrior!; Second Chance!; The Woman Who Fell to Earth; The Terror! / The Inquisition!; I Won't Take 'No' For an Answer!; Sabretooth Stalks the Subway!; Cover by John Romita, Sr.L