Essential Power Man and Iron Fist
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TP Vol 2 March, 2009 Day of the Dredlox; Death Scream of the Warhawk!; Golden Eye... Gleaming Death!; Heart of Glass; Heatwave; Members of the Wedding!; No Deadly Drug!; Paper Chase; Paths and Angles; Peril From the Past!; Revenge!; Rich Girls; Riding Shotgun!; Secret of the Black Tiger; Slasher; Some Kind of Hero!; Soul Games!; The Chemistro Connection!; The Coming of the She-Beast!; The Fury Below; The Road to Halwan; The Untouchable!; The Vampire Strikes Back!; This Deadly Secret...; To Honor... To Die!; War Without End!; What's Black and White and Red All Over?; Cover by Denys CowanL