Essential Tomb of Dracula
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TP Vol 4 March, 2005 A Death in the Chapel!; A Duel of Demons; A House Divided; A Night in the Unlife!; A Poison of the Blood; And From Order, There Will Come-- Chaos!; Angelica; Assault of the She-Pirate!; Black Hand... Black Death!; Blood For My Blood!; Bloody Mary; Bounty For a Vampire; Castle of the Undead; Court of the Dead!; Death Vow!; Fear Stalker; Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!; Fright!; Ghost of a Chance!; Here Comes the Death Man; Last Walk on the Nightside; Lood Homeward, Vampire!; Lord of Death... Lord of Hell!; My Name is... Dracula--; Night Flight to Terror!; Nobody Anybody Knows; Of Royal Blood!; One Corpse --- One Vote!; Parchments of the Damned! / The Stealer of Dracula's Soul / Paper Blood; Pavane For An Undead Princess!; Pit of Death, Part 1; Pit of Death, Part 2: Agent of Hell; Sanctuary / --Lilith, Daughter of Death!; Scarlet in Glory!; Seeing Eye; Shadow in the City of Light!; Shadow Over Versailles; Soul of an Artist!; Stoker's Dracula, Part 1: Dracula; Stoker's Dracula, Part 2: Into the Spider's Web; Stoker's Dracula, Part 3: The Female of the Species; Stoker's Dracula, Part 4: And in That Sleep...!; Stoker's Dracula, Part 5: Ship of Death; Stoker's Dracula, Part 6: If Madness Be Thy Master...!; Suffer Not a Witch...; That Dracula May Live Again!; The Blood Book; The Dimensional Man; The Executioner!; The Fury of a Fiend!; The Lady Who Collected Dracula; The Man Who Can't Be Stopped; The Mark of a Vampire!; The Terror That Stalked Castle Dracula!; The Toad; The Vampire Killers!; The Vampire-Man; The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!; This Blood is Mine!; To Walk Again in Daylight!; Twice Dies the Vampire!; Vampires Drink Deep!; Violets For a Vampire; When a Vampire Dies...; When Calls the Vampire!; Zombie!; Fright ; Cover by Earl NoremL