Essential Tomb of Dracula
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TP Vol 1 October, 2003 --In Death Do We Join!; A Night For the Living... A Morning For the Dead!; Death From the Sea!; Death of a Monster!; Death Rides the Rails!; Death to a Vampire-Slayer!; Deathknell; Dracula; Dracula is Dead!; Enter: Werewolf By Night; Fear is the Name of the Game!; Have You Ever Seen a Huge, Black Vampire Flying Above You, Waiting to Swoop Down on You?; His Name is ...Blade!; Keeping Track of Drac!; Night of the Blood Stalker!; Night of the Death Stalkers!; Night of the Screaming House!; Night of the She-Demon / The Ghost on Haunted Hill! / Demons in the Dark!; Return From the Grave!; Shadows in the Night!; Snowbound in Hell!; The Coming of Doctor Sun; The Fear Within!; The Hell-Crawlers; The Moorlands Monster!; The Village Graveyard; The Voodoo-Man!; Through a Mirror Darkly!; To Kill a Vampire!; Who Stalks the Vampire?; Death of a Monster!; Cover by John BuscemaL