Essential Tomb of Dracula
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TP Vol 2 April, 2004 ''Vengeance is Mine!'' Sayeth the Vampire!; ...And With the Word There Shall Come Death!; A Final Battle Waged!; A Song For Marianne! / Lost: One Vampire! / Doppelganger!!; And Some Call Him... Madness!; Birthrite: Death!; Blood on My Hands!; Blood-Rush!; Call Them Triad... Call Them Death!; Crossfire!; Dark Asylum!; Drive of Death; Flight of Fear!; Fly By Night!; Forbidden Drink!; Hell Hath No Fury...; His Name is Doctor Strange; I Am the Living Ghost!; I Was a Vampire; Let It Bleed!; Let Us Be Wed in Unholy Matrimony; Madness in the Mind!; Memories on a Mourning's Night!; Night-Fire!; Nightmares of a Living Deadman!; On With the Dance!; Paul Butterworth-- The Night-Stalker!; Re-Birth!; Showdown of Blood!; Slow Death on the Killing Ground!; Ten Lords a Dying!; The Art of Dying!; The Death of Dracula!; The Gargoyles; The Girl in the Black Hood!; The Hidden Vampire; The Man Who Changed; The Sweet Old Ladies; The Tomb of Dr. Strange!; The Vampire is Coming! The Vampire is Coming!; The Wedding Present!; Vampire at the Window; Where Lurks the Chimera!; You Can't Escape; Gog Cometh!; Iron Man Faces the Crimson Dynamo!; Mr. Flubb's Flashlight; Target: Ka-Zar!; Quicksand!; The Bully Boy!; The Girl in the Black Hood!; Venus!; Slow Death on the Killing Ground! / Is This the Night the Vampire Dies?; Forbidden Drink; I Am the Living Ghost!; Let It Bleed!; The Gargoyles; You Can't Escape; Dark Asylum!; The Art of Dying!; The Hidden Vampire!; They Fly By NightL