Essential Tomb of Dracula
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TP Vol 3 December, 2004 'Twas the Night Before Christmas; And From Order, There Will Come-- Chaos!; Angelica; At Long Last-- Lilith!; Batwings Over Transylvania!; Black Genesis; Court of the Dead!; Death Vow!; Demons in the Mind!; Life After Undeath; Lords of the Undead!; Requeim For a Vampire!; Resurrection!; Showdown in Greenwich Village!; Soul of an Artist!; The Dimensional Man; The Final Glory of Deacon Frost; The Forever Man!; The Last Traitor!; The Return to... Transylvania!; The Road to Hell!; The Vampire Conspiracy!; The Wildest Party; The Wrath of Dracula!; Undead By Daylight!; What Lurks Beneath Satan's Hill?; Where No Vampire Has Gone Before!; Where Soars the Silver Surfer!; Batwings Over Transylvania!; Lords of the Undead!; The Return to... Transylvania!; One Curse, With Love; Cover by Gene Colan - 'Adam Austin'L