Essential Werewolf by Night
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TP Vol 1 October, 2005 A Life For a Death!; Carnival of Fear!; Comes the Hangman; Cry Werewolf!; Death in the Cathedral!; Death of a Monster!; Enter: Werewolf By Night; Eye of the Beholder!; Eye of the Wolf!; His Name is Taboo; Island of the Damned!; Lo, the Monster Strikes!; Murder By Moonlight!; Night of Full Moon--Night of Fear!; One Wolf's Cure... Another's Poison!; Ritual of Blood!; Terror Beneath the Earth!; The Behemoth!; The Danger Game!; The Hunter--And the Hunted!; The Lurker Behind the Door!; The Mystery of the Mad Monk!; The Sinister Secret of Sarnak!; The Thing in the Cellar!; Tigra the Were-Woman! / A Warrior Reborn! / Some Say the World Will Die...!; Vampires on the Moon!; Where Gargoyles Dwell!; Where Walks the Werewolf!; Wolf at Bay!; I Was Captured By the Creature From Krogarr!; Midnight on Haunted Hill; Cover by Mike PloogL