Exiles (2001-2008)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
TP Vol 10 September, 2005 Age of Apocalypse; A Tooth For a Tooth; Son of Apocalypse, Part 1; Son of Apocalypse, Part 2; Cover by James Calafiore - 'Jim Calafiore'L
TP Vol 16 April, 2008 Starting Over; A Quentin in Time; A World Without Heroes; Down the Rabbit Hole; Home; Home Again!, Part 1: Starting Over; Home Again!, Part 2: The Dreams of Two Good Men?; Home Again!, Part 3: Where Dreams to Nightmares Grow!; Home Again!, Part 4: The Doom of Two Good Men; Home Again!, Part 5: Ends Beginning (or -- Find Us the Way to Go Home!); Home is Where the Heart Is!; Legacy; Meet the Exiles; Moving On; Passing the Torch, Part 1: Flamin' Safe; Passing the Torch, Part 3: Torchin' the Avengers; The Lost Son; World Tour; World War Hulk; Cover by Tomm CokerL