Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez
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TP Vol 1 June, 2005 A Sky-Full of Fear!; Aftermath: The Eliminator!; Call My Killer -- The Brute!; Enter: Salem's Seven!; Here There Be Witches!; If It's Tuesday, This Must Be the Hulk!; Improbable As It May Seem -- The Impossible Man is Back in Town!; Look Out For the Frightful Four!; The Crusader Syndrome!; The Light of Other Worlds!; Titans Two!; Here There Be Witches!; Cover by George PerezL
TP Vol 2 June, 2006 Cat's Paw!; Four No More!; Full House-- Dragons High!; Happiness is a Warm Alien!; He Who Soweth the Wind...!; Love is a Hurtin' Thing; The Power of the People!; The Rampage of Reed Richards!; Time For the Prime Ten; Trouble Times Two!; Full House--Dragons High!; Cat's-Paw!; Happiness is a Warm Alien!; Cover by George PerezL