Essential Captain Marvel (2008-Present)
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TP Vol 1 June, 2008 [Untitled]; And a Child Shall Lead You!; And Fear Shall Follow!; Behind the Mask of Zo!; Between Hammer and Anvil!; Die, Town, Die!; Die, Traitor!; From the Ashes of Defeat!; From the Void of Space Comes... The Super Skrull!; Here Comes the Hulk!; Human Torch - Fugitive at Large!; In the Path of Solam!; Invasion!; Kill Captain America!; Out of the Holocaust-- A Hero!; Rebirth!; Siege of Camelot!; That Zo Might Live... A Galaxy Must Die!; The Abduction of King Arthur!; The Alien and the Amphibian!; The Beachhead Blitz!; The Coming of Captain Marvel!; The Hunter and the Holocaust; The Mad Master of the Murder Maze!; The Mark of the Metazoid; The Moment of-- The Man-Slayer!; The Sub-Mariner Strikes!; Top Secret!; Traitors or Heroes?; Vengeance is Mine!; When a Galaxy Beckons...; Where Stalks the Sentry!; Cover by Gil KaneL