Essential Captain Marvel (2008-Present)
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TP Vol 2 March, 2013 ''Destroy, Destroy!'' Screams the Destroyer; --No Way Out!; ...To Be Free From Control! / A Time For Confrontation! / End of an Empire!; A Taste of Madness!; Betrayal!; Beware the... Blood Brothers!; Blown Away!; Deadly Genesis!; Death at the End of the World!; Death in High Places!; Death Throws!; Havoc on Homeworld!; Lift-Off!; Metamorphosis!; Only One Can Win!; Rocky Mountain 'Bye!; Shoot-Out at the O.K. Space Station!; Thanos the Insane God!; The Beginning of the End!; The Bi-Centennial!; The Bite of the Blood Brothers!; The God Himself!; The Trial of the Watcher; To Live Again!; Trapped on Titan!; When TItans Collide! / A Clash of Titans! / ...Mind-Slave!; Cover by James Starlin - 'Jim Starlin'L