Essential Iron Man (2000-Present)
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TP Vol 4 April, 2010 A Madness in Motown!; A Twist of Memory -- A Turn of Mind!; And in the Shadows ... There Lurks the Adaptoid!; Armageddon on Avenue ''A''; Beneath the Armor Beats a Heart! / The Students and the Guardsman!; Beware the... Blood Brothers!; Cry Marauder!; Death Knells Over Detroit!; Deathplay!; Doomprayer!; Mandarin and the Unicorn: Double-Death!; Menace at Large!; Nightwalk!; Now Stalks the Cyborg-Sinister!; Raga: Son of Fire!; Rasputin's Revenge!; Strike!; Sub-Mariner: Target For Death!; The Black Knight Strikes!; The Black Lama!; The Claws of the Slasher!; The Fury and the Inferno!; Weep For a Lost Nightmare!; When Demons Wail!; Why Must There Be an Iron Man?; Tales of the Wasp: Not What They Seem!; Cover by Gil KaneL
TP Vol 5 April, 2013 ...And the Freak Shall Inherit the Earth!; Battle Royal! / The Final Battle!; Confrontation, Part 1; Confrontation, Part 2: Who Shall Stop... Ultimo?; Confrontation, Part 3: Battle: Tooth and Yellow Claw!; Convention of Fear!; Enter: Dr. Spectrum; I Cry: Revenge!; Long Time Gone; Midnite on Murder Mountain!; Mission Into Madness!; More or Less... The Return of the Molecule Man! / The Ashes of the Sun! / The Daughter Also Rises! / The War Within!; Night of the Rising Sun!; Night of the Walking Bomb!; Plunder of the Apes!; Return of the Freak; Rokk Cometh!; Slave to the Power Imperious!; The Cutting Edge of Death!; The Gentleman's Name is Blizzard!; The Icy Hand of Death!; The M.O.D.O.K. Machine!; The Rage of the Red Ghost!; Turnabout: A Most Foul Play!; War of the Mind-Dragons!; Whiplash Returns!; Cover by Gil KaneL