Essential Iron Fist (2004-Present)
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TP Vol 1 August, 2004 A Duel of Iron!; A Fine Day's Dying!; Assault on Avengers' Mansion!; Batroc and Other Assassins; Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance; Daughters of the Death-Goddess; Death is a Ninja; Death Match!; Death-Cult!; Enter, the X-Men; Fist of Iron-- Heart of Stone!; Freedom!; Heart of the Dragon!; Holocaust!; If Death Be My Destiny...; Iron Fist Must Die!; Kung Fu Killer!; Lair of Shattered Vengeance!; Like Tigers in the Night!; Morning of the Mindstorm!; Night of the Dragon; Seagate is a Lonely Place to Die!; Snowfire; Summerkill; Target: Iron Fist!; The City's Not For Burning!; The Dragon Dies at Dawn!; The Fury of Iron Fist!; The Name is... Warhawk; Valley of the Damned!; When Slays the Scimitar!; Cover by John ByrneS