Marvel Universe Iron Man (2013)
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TP April, 2013 Basket-Brawl!; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 3: Things the Skrulls Do; Employee of the Month; Heart of Steel; Misunderstood; Seven Rings Hath the Mandarin; The Fixit!; The Iron Avengers, Part 15: Elephant Steve Never Forgets; The Titanium Trap; There's an Ape For That!; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 1: Earth Season Three; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 2: They're Super-Heroes... They're a Family; Conspicuous Invasion, Part 4: Mission Accomplished!; Evolution Revolution!; Hair Today...; I Was an Intergalactic Juvenile Delinquent!; Molecular Mayhem; Rodent's Revenge!; DigestL