Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
1 February, 2001 The Baxter Building Besieged!; Cover by Erik LarsenL
2 March, 2001 The Sinister Secret of the Sentry!; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
3 April, 2001 When Strike These Sentinels!; Cover by Jae LeeL
4 May, 2001 The Merciless Menace of MODOK!; Cover by Bruce TimmL
5 June, 2001 New York Knockdown!; Cover by Erik LarsenL
6 July, 2001 Mayhem on the Moon!; Cover by Michael Golden - 'Mike Golden'L
7 August, 2001 ...Touched By the Hand of Havoc!; Cover by Keith GiffenL
8 September, 2001 ...To Aid the Avengers!; Cover by Rick VeitchL
9 October, 2001 Nightmare in the Negative Zone!; Cover by Erik LarsenL
10 November, 2001 On... To Asgard!; Cover by Bruce TimmL
11 December, 2001 Doom Triumphant!; Cover by Ronald Frenz - 'Ron Frenz'L
12 January, 2002 Victor Von Doom, Emperor of Earth!; Cover by Erik LarsenL