Fantasy Masterpieces (1966-1967)
Iss # Published Issue InfoImg
7 February, 1967 L
8 April, 1967 Fangs Of The Bear; Call Her Medusa; Defying the Magic of... Mad Merlin!; Frederick Fenton's Future; I Saw Droom the Living Lizard! ; No Way Out; Return Of The Genie! ; Time-Stream RescueL
9 June, 1967 Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great; Burning Rubber; Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic!; Jungle Terror; The Human Torch; The Human Torch vs. the Wizard and Paste-Pot Pete!; The Masked Raider; The Six Big Men; The Sub-Mariner; We Search the Stars!L
11 October, 1967 Numbering continued in Marvel Super-Heroes (1967-1982) #12L