Tales of the Batman: Archie Goodwin (2013)
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HC July, 2013 Agent Liberty, Arkham Asylum, Hi-Tech; An Innocent Guy; Cathedral Perilous; Death Flies the Haunted Sky!; Gotterdammerung; Heroes; Holocaust God of Destruction!; Judgment Day!; Leavetaking; Monsters In The Closet; Obligation; Perpetual Mourning; Petty Crimes; Siege, Part 1: Assembly; Siege, Part 2: Assault; Siege, Part 3; The Carbon Copy Crimes!; The Case of the Prophetic Pictures!; The Coming of the Creeper!, Part 1; The Coming of the Creeper!, Part 2; The Devil's Trumpet; The End of Sports!; The Hunt; The Poker Game Strangler; The Secret of Hunter's Inn!; The Siege Part 4; The Siege Part 5; The Spectre; The Third Mask; The Two Faces of Doom!; Two Of A Kind; Woozy Winks - Wanted For Murder!; Deathmask!; The Himalayan Incident; Cover by Walter Simonson - 'Walt Simonson'L